Hard-hitting Julie Oleson a rough and tumble competitor in women’s football

As it says on her Twitter account, she is here to make pretty girls ugly. A tough as nails, no-nonsense athlete, she was poised to serve as one of the stalwarts for the defensive unit of the Baltimore Blitz. More than an athlete, she was also a regional spokesperson for the Women’s Indoor Football League, helping to grow awareness for what promised to be an exciting new chapter in the budding sport.

Photo credit: Michael Key

Photo credit: Michael Key

Recognized by the Washington Blade as the best amateur athlete in 2012, Julie Oleson is a superb athlete with a background in volleyball. Having competed with Limestone College Saints on their volleyball program, she set several program records. Her game-day 44 digs on 11/4/05 is the Saints program record. Additional digs of 40, 39 and 37 in game play rank third to fifth on the list. Her 6 aces in one game, accomplished on 10/10/06 is also one of the greatest performances in program history. With the Limestone Saints, she has also earned First and Second Team All-CVAC Honors. Of note, Oleson also graduated from Marymount University in later years.

During 2013, Oleson’s athletic skills were showcased on a larger stage. Playing with the Baltimore Charm in the Legends Football League, she pulled double duty on the offensive and defensive line. Her season would culminate in a postseason berth, while statistically, she registered 5 solo tackles, 6 total stops and one interception with eight return yards.

No longer with the WIFL, Oleson could have been part of a renaissance in the Beltway as both Baltimore and Washington proudly represent the capital region. Having joined Oleson for play in the WIFL was Amber Wilson. Also committed as a WIFL Regional Spokesperson, she was a former competitor with the Las Vegas Sin in the Legends Football League. Wilson finished her 2013 season with four takcles in two games played, while attempting to lead her club to a postseason berth.

With the Washington Wildcats featuring a multi-sport star in Cara Vargas, it had the makings of a great rivalry because Vargas is familiar to Oleson. Both attended Baltimore’s training camp in late 2012. The two were also interviewed together in promotional material covering the WIFL.

While the future in football is unsure for Oleson, her work ethic and dedication to performance and fitness would have set the gold standard for the Blitz. As a multi-talented athlete, fans are hoping that Oleson will grace the gridiron once more.

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