Ladies Gridiron League set to kickoff in Australia for 2015

After a rival league announced that it was not going to have a second season in Australia due to financial reasons, the Legends Gridiron League has risen out of the ashes. Taking into account that the rival league had flown in players from its United States-based league to boost interest in the league, it was easy to see it as another example of that league not living up to its promises (as Canadian fans can attest to).

For all the dedicated coaches and players who trained so hard in the off-season, it could not have been more heartbreaking. With the New South Wales Surge on-board, the champions from the rival league’s inaugural Australian campaign, it certainly adds an element of excitement for the budding league.


Seven teams are poised to sprout in the start-up league with the Victoria Maidens and the New South Wales Surge from the former rival league jumping on board. Import players Danika Brace and Stevi Schnoor have signed on to remain with the Maidens. Other franchises include Tasmania, Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory Spirit.

Originally started in 2012 as a feeder league for teams such as the Surge, a new owner has injected new life into the league, poised to make it work. Discussions of compensation have also brought with it feelings of optimism.

Taking into account that the former rival league was slated to begin its season in October 2014, an official launch is not slated until early 2015. While remaining team names, uniform production and national try-outs are still in the works, it is imperative that relationships with players, coaches, staff, officials and supporters are built on integrity and respect. Sadly, the impact of the rival league (and a lawsuit from a former player in Los Angeles) has created a group of dedicated yet disillusioned female athletes whose dreams of gridiron glory never had the chance to truly reach fruition.

While the discussion of insurance is definitely a step in the right direction, the true substance shall be in its finished product. Certainly the impact of import players such as Brace and Schnoor provides LGL competitors with valuable mentors. As women’s tackle football continues to grow in Australia, the LGL needs to have an actual season in order to not reverse any progress that has been made.

For dedicated fans of female football, there have been far too many setbacks, especially in North America. As these same fans are eager to see the game grow, success would certainly be a welcome boon. Should the league reach its goals and thrive, its greatest legacy may be in showing the former rival league how to do things right.


Author: markstaffieri

A proud supporter of women in sport. My influences in covering women's sport include Andria Hunter and Jaclyn Hawkins. Both are former women’s hockey players who created their own websites, providing a deeper insight for their respective sport. Unable to identify with multi-millionaire male athletes, the role of women in sport is one that provides inspiration while preserving the spirit of sportsmanship. My first exposure to women and sport came through Geraldine Heaney and her legendary goal at the 1990 Women's World Hockey Championships. By composing player profiles on women from all sports, it is my opportunity to give back to the female sporting community by showing gratitude for their hard work and effort. While women's hockey opened the door to a larger yet remarkable world of sport, the quantum leap in women's football and global growth of women's basketball have only helped to fuel my interest in the female game. Some of the athletes that I admire include Caroline Ouellette and Natalie Spooner (hockey), Lolo Jones (track), Connie Fekete and Sami Grisafe (football) plus Anne Erler and Heather Furr (LFL football). Other athletes consist of Sue Bird and Katie Smith (basketball) along with Barbara Mervin and Heather Moyse (rugby). In addition to my efforts on WordPress, I have also contributed to Bleacher Report, the Canadian Women's Hockey League, Hockey Canada, LFL Canada and Women's Hockey Life.

6 thoughts on “Ladies Gridiron League set to kickoff in Australia for 2015”

  1. Anyway the fan base could back this new league with donations from Kickstarter.

    I hate the fact that political correctness has shattered the dreams of dozen of determined ,committed young sportswoman and their Australian and world wide fans who want to support them in what ever league it is.


  2. Great to see the Australian girls and coaches bounce back.
    Mitch Mortaza certainly divides opinions but the blame is 7mate television.
    Behind every great showbiz or sporting success there is always been a dark Svengali ruthless driven figure managing behind the scenes.
    Peter Grant with Led Zeppelin, Joe Jackson father of Micheal and the rest of the Jackson 5,Andrew Loog Oldem manager of the Rolling Stones,Barrie Gordy head of Motown Records.Lewi B Mayor founder of MGM,legendary sexual drug taking antics of Don Simpsom twin father of the Modern Cinema Action Blockbuster.
    Even hippy favorite Steve Jobs who not averse to making small talk in the elevator with any unfortunate Apple employee and then firing them on the spot.Mark Zuckerberg creator of facebook and he fired his only real non cyber co founder friend.
    Self made millionaires Donald Trump and Alan Sugar have much loved TV shows where the aim is to fire the contestants.
    Who is the most loved man in music management only Simon Cowell the man that gave us Susan Boyle JLS and One Direction to the most hated man in music management Colonel Tom Parker the fairground promoter and the man who gave us Elvis Presley.
    Like Mortaza they too cut corners and exploited and made plenty of enemies and controversy on their way to the top.
    Very easy to hate these people but so hard not to love what they,ve achieved for the pleasure and joy of the adoring fans
    of their star performers

    Good managers are those when they start getting nice results they start being nice to the people who work for them.

    What Mortaza has done is get thousands of men who would have otherwise been watching nubile women playing in porn to watching them playing in enthralling competitive sport instead.We all came to leer but stayed to cheer.
    Stripping away their padding you may call that sexist or exploitative but it didn’t strip away their humanity or their underwear .instead of a magnificent display of naked flesh it became a magnificent display of determination and commitment and now leering blue collar redneck beered up porn addicts can now see great women as great people and not as just great sex objects.
    Mitch has ironically turned what he and everyone else thought would be flouncing glamor models
    into committed great aspirational sportswomen.
    He continues to drive them on and support them.
    Much as you obviously loathe the rather cold Mitch Mortaza which is very easy for you to do but rather unfortunately you
    do have to thank him for that.

    I want to wish good luck for the future to all those at the new Ladies Gridiron League in Australia and The Legends League in the USA.


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