Superstar running back Tamar Fennell lands in Las Vegas

Among one of the most accomplished running backs in the history of the Legendss Football League, Tamar Fennell brings her world class talents to the Las Vegas Sin. For a franchise in the second year of its rebuilding, her solid skills may help the process accelerate more rapidly.

With exciting young talents such as quarterback Sindy Cummings and receiver Markie Henderson, Fennell helps balance out the offensive attack with a solid running game. Making her Sin debut in a contest against the Los Angeles Temptation, Fennell provided a valiant effort accumulating 38 combined yards from scrimmage including a touchdown. Considering the Sin feature veteran talents such as Kelly Campbell and Cynthia Schmidt, Fennell helps them to fill in a leadership gap left by Danika Brace signing with the Seattle Mist.

Image obtained from Facebook

Image obtained from Facebook

Over the last several seasons, “I’ve been everywhere” could truly apply to Fennell’s sterling career. Having first established herself with the Cleveland Crush, her talent would bring her to the Saskatoon Sirens in 2012.

Playing alongside the likes of Heather Furr and Anne Erler, Fennell helped the Sirens capture the hearts and minds of Saskatoon football fans, among some of the most rapid in Canada. Having contributed to the Sirens appearance in the LFL Canada championship game, Fennell helped the squad score the most points during the regular season.

Returning to Cleveland in 2013, the following year would bring with it many changes for Fennell. Of note, 2014 would not only see the Crush move from Cleveland to Toledo, but she would sandwich in a season with LFL Australia, competing for the Queensland Brigade. As a side note, she was joined down under by the likes of other American stars such as Monique Gaxiola and Adrian Purnell.

As the only player to have scored touchdown in LFL play in the United States, Australia and Canada, her gridiron legacy is secure. The only achievement to elude Fennell is the chance to hoist the prestigious Legends Cup trophy. With an assiduous quarterback in Cummings, Fennell may prove to be the last piece of the puzzle towards a winning direction.


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