Newest members of Seattle Mist proud attendees at Moyer Foundation Champions for Children luncheon

As the Seattle Mist enter 2015 with several big name free agent acquisitions, they have worked towards making an impact in their new home. Most recently quarterback KK Matheny (formerly of Jacksonville) and defensive back Danika Brace (formerly of Las Vegas) attended one of the most popular charitable events in Seattle’s sporting calendar.

Showing great compassion and a sincere desire to improve the lives of the less fortunate, Matheny and Brace were among the sporting stars on-hand at the Moyer Foundation Champions for Children luncheon. Held at the Washington State Convention Center, it is one of two luncheons held by the Foundation, with the other being in Philadelphia. The objective is to raise funds to fund several signature programs of The Moyer Foundation.

Said programs include Camp Erin and Camp Mariposa, plus the new National Center for Resources & Support. The Camps provided bereavement services for children and teens grieving the loss of a loved one, along with assistance for children affected by addiction. Other initiatives included raising awareness for children in distress.

Founded by former Major League Baseball pitcher Jamie Moyer (who played with the Seattle Mariners and Philadelphia Phillies), the Moyer Foundation acknowledges the efforts of volunteers and corporate partners. In addition, there is also the presentation of a Humanitarian Award, which recognizes a national public figure for their commitment to charity and assistance towards children in need.

Graciously establishing their charitable presence in the community, it represented a moment where the strong teamwork skills of both Brace and Matheny shone through. During late 2014, the two were among a group of female athletes that visited Australia, which led to mutual respect and a blossoming friendship.

Having carved a remarkable legacy in the football mad state of Florida, as a Hall of Fame Flag Football player from the University of West Florida, plus All-League honors as quarterback with the Jacksonville Breeze, Matheny helped usher in a new era for female football. Her contributions as the Breeze’s field general made the club an annual postseason contender. Joined by Breeze teammate Bryn Renda as part of the Mist’s free agent class, Matheny brings her enthusiastic demeanor and superlative leadership skills to Seattle, looking to help the Mist claim its first-ever championship.

More than just an elite signal caller and an ambassador for female football; Matheny is also a proud sporting humanitarian. Of note, she has donated time at her church and participated in fund raising for breast cancer research. Enjoying the experience at the luncheon, she went to social media to express her sentiments,

“Such an amazing foundation changing the lives of neglected children around the world! Heartwarming to hear some of the children’s stories that have been helped so much by this foundation being in existence. Every kid deserves to be loved and know they are special.”

Formerly of the Las Vegas Sin, Brace began her career with the Mist, playing alongside her sister. Although several online videos focus on her as one of the league’s premier trash talkers, she also has a soft, generous side. With maturity and kindness, she was an ideal mentor for a rebuilding Sin squad in 2014.

Displaying great leadership off the field, Brace is passionate about participating in mentoring programs and camps. Her goal is to assist youth that have suffered from substance abuse homes or struggled with mental health. It is the kind of leadership that shall provide remarkable long term benefits, while helping to inspire a new generation to follow their dreams the way strong and empowering like Matheny and Brace have.

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