Heroes of the WFA earn the football card treatment

Among the memorable highlights of the 2015 WFA football season, Nebraska-based Doji Malo Trading Cards is most worthy of mention. Issuing a series of trading cards featuring players from numerous WFA franchises, it added a major league feeling to an exciting 2015. Although it would not have been feasible to feature a card set with every single WFA player, there was a mutual feeling of victory among all the players in the aftermath of the set’s release.

Of note, the players included in the 18-card base set were the likes of Jeannette Gray, a gold medalist at the 2013 IFAF Women’s Worlds and 2014 WFA National Champion with the Chicago Force, along with Kansas City’s Sowers sisters, Liz and Katie, who is featured on card number 1. With only 500 sets in existence, these cards are destined to become collector’s items.

In 2015, DC Divas quarterback Allyson Hamlin became the first quarterback in Washington football history (male and female) to reach 200 career touchdown passes. With her inclusion in this year’s set, it adds a nice serendipitous touch. Other teams that saw players featured in Doji Malo’s inaugural set included Everett Reign, Miami Fury, Orlando Anarchy, Portland Fighting Fillies and the Seattle Majestics.

One of the most unique aspects of the set is the fact that it provides Jeannette Gray with the second trading card of her career. A two-sport star who once played for Chicago in the now-defunct American Basketball League, she was featured in a set of ABL trading cards issued by SkyBox. The chance to grace Doji Malo’s WFA set, including some autographed issues, truly brings her athletic career full circle.

Adding to the collectability of these remarkable issues is the fact that there are also autographed versions. Considering that all trading card companies that release sports cards feature autographs (and cards with game jersey swatches), it was only natural that Doji Malo would add to the excitement of its product. In addition, a 2016 release is already being planned.

Although WFA teams are established all over the United States, some franchises will only play each other once in a decade, making it difficult for fans to obtain autographs of their favorite players. Thanks to Doji Malo, the autographed cards make that struggle much more convenient, dedicating themselves to creating a positive fan experience. For set collectors, the full list of autographed cards are as follows:

Limited to 100:
Allyson Hamlin, DC Divas
Jeanette Gray, Chicago Force
Katie Sowers, Kansas City Titans
Liz Sowers, Kansas City Titans
Jennifer Plummer, West Michigan Mayhem

Limited to 60:
Michele Walsh, Everett Reign
LeAnn Layman, Everett Reign
Amelia Kahr, Everett Reign
Brittany Burns, Everett Reign
Brooklyn Holton, Everett Reign

Limited to 60 “Three on One” Card:
Jackie McCall, Kalena Firstrider, Kase Tukutau, Seattle Majestics

For additional information, the company can be reached at cards@dojimalo.com

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