Hall of Fame honor brings Liz Gorman’s gridiron career full circle

Although Liz Gorman is considered one of the most attractive women to have ever graced the gridiron in Legends Football League play, she was simultaneously one of its most talented. While looking beyond sex appeal and appreciating the world class athletic ability has remained a challenge for several of the women who grace the gridiron, there is no question that the resident of Syracuse, New York was among one of the first faces for the league.

Her accomplished career reaches a glorious pinnacle as she becomes the second player inducted into the Legends Football League Hall of Fame, following LA Temptation defensive back, Monique Gaxiola, who was inducted in 2014. This year, Gorman was among a group of remarkable Hall of Fame nominees that included quarterback Heather Furr (Chicago Bliss/Saskatoon Sirens), defensive back Jessica Hopkins (BC Angels/Seattle Mist) and Lauran Ziegler (Atlanta Steam/Jacksonville Breeze).

On the red carpet at the 2015 LFL Awards Gala (Image obtained from: https://www.facebook.com/ElizabethGormanTraining)

On the red carpet at the 2015 LFL Awards Gala (Image obtained from: https://www.facebook.com/ElizabethGormanTraining)

Akin to Gaxiola, Gorman’s sporting heroics had extended beyond football. A multi-sport star at the high school level, her focus would loan itself to soccer. Competing at Judson University and later Florida Southern College, her greatest accomplishment involved competing in the 2009 NCAA women’s soccer tournament.

Unlike Gaxiola, who competed in the LFL’s Western Conference, Gorman established herself as an elite competitor in the Eastern Conference (although she spent one injury plagued season with the LA Temptation in 2013). Competing primarily with the Breeze franchise when it was launched in Tampa, Gorman not only established herself as a defensive stalwart, she quickly became one of its leaders. Of note, the 2010 season would serve as a breakthrough for Gorman, who earned the Defensive Player of the Year Award along with an All-Fantasy selection.

A multiple All-Fantasy selection, Gorman eventually became an ambassador for the league, one of the first stars to become highly visible within the brand. Taking into account that players, teams and the league in general may have been maligned over its sex appeal, Gorman’s ability to excel on the gridiron quickly erased any preconceived notions about the player’s abilities, proving that these women were truly worthy of the moniker of athlete.

Alongside Breeze teammates such as the incomparable KK Matheny and sensational Saige Steinmetz, this titanic trio was part of the LFL’s tour of All-Star games, competing in exotic places such as Australia, Mexico, the Phillipines and Singapore. Representing the Eastern Conference in such games, Gorman heped the East prevail in the 2010 All-Fantasy Game (contested in Monterrey, Mexico). The following year, she would earn All-Fantasy Game MVP honors, as she propelled the East to a thrilling come from behind victory.

Blending her remarkable athletic gifts and film star looks, Gorman rose to popularity with fans throughout all of the league’s markets. One of the most physically fit athletes in the game, she treated her body like a temple, worshipped by fans and teammates alike.


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