21: Kait DiNunzio

22: Jenny Miller, QB, Moncton

23: Beth Thomson, Team Canada 2013 and 2017, Saskatoon

24: Virginie Roberge Team Canada 2013 and 2017

25: Carly Dyck, Team Canada 2017

26: Claire Dore, Team Canada 2013 and 2017

27: Alia Palmer, Team Canada 2010

28: Cheryl O’Leary, Coach and Administrator, MWFL, Team Atlantic

Competing with the Capital Area Lady Gladiators, enjoying the experience of hoisting the Judy Upward Trophy, it only represents part of the narrative in Cheryl O’Leary’s brilliant football career. Having also given her time in an executive capacity with the MWFL, her credentials made her a key addition to the Central Canadian Women’s Football League, when she relocated to the Greater Toronto Area for professional reasons. Although the CCWFL never played a game, O’Leary would have been an ideal ambassador for the league and the brand.

Also relevant is O’Leary’s experience as a coach. Serving in a coaching capacity with Team Atlantic at the inaugural Canadian women’s national football championships, contested in 2012, the following year would propel her into history. With Canada appearing at the 2013 IFAF Women’s Worlds, O’Leary became the first woman to be part of the coaching staff. Serving under the tutelage of Olivier Eddie, O’Leary was part of a group of heroes from the MWFL representing Canada on an international scale.

29: Mandy Hamilton-Mallais, First MVP in MWFL History 2005

30: Alexa Matwyczuk, Team Canada 2013 and 2017