Third edition of the Women’s World Football Games to be held in New Orleans

Taking place from March 1-6, 2016, the third edition of the Women’s World Football Games promises to build on its great legacy of bringing women from the world over to share their love of the gridiron game. Spearheaded by Samantha Rapoport, who also helped organize the first two editions, her commitment to excellence is testament to the early successes of such an initiative. As one of the fastest growing sports among women in Europe (Finland recently captured the 2015 Women’s European Championship), the WWFG will only help to strengthen the enthusiasm of these empowered women.

To be hosted in New Orleans, Louisiana, all registered female football tackle players shall spend a week at the New Orleans Saints training facility. In addition to the excitement of eating meals in the same cafeteria as the Saints players, the Super Bowl XLIV champions boast one of the finest facilities in professional football, only adding to the excitement of the event.

In years past, players have also enjoyed the benefits of NFL facilities. The inaugural Women’s World Football Games were hosted near Dallas, Texas, and players had the opportunity to visit the five-time Super Bowl champion Dallas Cowboys facilities. In addition, the players had the opportunity to meet Dr. Jen Welter, who has broken multiple barriers for women in football.

During the 2015 edition of the Women’s World Football Games, players enjoyed the sunshine in Tampa, Florida, home to one of the premier cities in the American south for football. Not only were NFL coaches on hand to provide instruction on techniques, members of the eventual 2015 WFA national champion DC Divas were on-hand for encouragement and support. Among them were Team USA alumnae Donna Wilkinson and Callie Brownson, along with Missy Bedwell, who has played more seasons of female football than any other woman in the United States, dating back to 1999.

Although further details are still pending, the buzz generated on social media has been energizing. Female footballers from the world over have already proclaimed their interest on numerous sites, ensuring that attendance shall increase for the second consecutive time. With the next IFAF Women’s World Championships in 2017, there is no question that the positive impact of the WWFG shall speak for itself, as borderless football is one where the game shall be built on mutual respect and a mutual goal of growing the game.

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