LFL champion Stephanie Psick part of the Crossfit Revolution

A three-time champion in the Legends Football League, Stephanie Noel Psick has emerged as one of the sport’s first superstars. Competing for the Los Angeles Temptation, her efforts have not only helped establish LA as the league’s first dynasty, but as one of its signature franchises.


While Psick has set hearts racing with her appearances on the pages of Muscle & Fitness and Playboy, she is more than just a pretty face. Although her participation in the Legends Football League may qualify her as a sex symbol, she is also a highly conditioned athlete that can compete under the most extreme of conditions.

Case in point, Psick is also a competitor in the world sweeping phenomenon known as Crossfit. Elite female athletes such as Christmas Abbott, the first female full-time member of a NASCAR pit crew and Emmanuelle Blais, a former member of the Canadian national women’s hockey team are among two of its more notable disciples.

Joining Psick on this remarkable journey through pushing the limits of one’s physical and mental limits is Temptation teammate Natalie Jahnke. During a typical training week, the highly energetic Psick has football practice three times a week, along with four CrossFit workouts during that same period.

With such a disciplined regimen, there is no such thing as a day off. Traditionally, her workouts consist of CrossFit WODs on Monday and Tuesday followed by football on Wednesday and Thursday. She will return to the WODs on Friday and Saturday, with another football practice closing her week on Sunday.

Defining the standards of what it takes to be a champion, this 2010 LFL All-Fantasy selection is able to life 345 pounds in the deadlift and 285 pounds in the back squat. Competing with Team 1440, she is also affiliated with CrossFit Hax. Known affectionately as Cupcakes at her training facility, at the 2013 Open, she ranked 121st.